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How long will it take to see results?

If you opt-in for our Alcyone Local Star campaigns, you'll see results in 48-72 hours after the content is revised with you.

How can I be sure this will work for me?

Consistency is the key. We create ultra-specific content about your business and this content answers questions people are actually asking about your products or services. With our Alcyone Local Star campaigns we distribute the content to hundreds of websites and platforms in 6 different media formats: news articles, blog posts, audio ads, slideshow presentations, videos, and infographics. This content attracts hyper-targeted traffic to your business by building authority and online exposure.

What strategy should I use to grow my business?

Consumers will always choose trust, authority, and expertise. Creating content that talks to your specific potential clients will build and expose these traits. Thus, Content is King. Check out our Alcyone Local Star campaigns to understand these concepts further.

How can I measure results?

We always offer to install Google Analytics on your website to monitor the source of people visiting your site. With our Alcyone Local Star campaigns we've developed a unique measuring tool that helps you see the progress of the online visibility your website is gaining with our campaigns. You can request one for free here.

I'm a US healthcare provider, how can I be sure of not falling into compliance issues?

We comply with HIPAA. In the event that we need Protected Health Information (PHI), such as reviews that discuss a medical problem you helped treat, to promote in campaigns, we will protect you as a Covered Entity with a HIPAA Contract with us as a Business Associate.

How do I manage the risk of investing in Digital Marketing?

While there is always a certain level of risk involved in any marketing campaign, it's important to carefully consider the potential rewards. We provide a well-planned and executed digital marketing campaign brings in new customers and help your business grow. We've seen healthcare businesses double or triple their revenue in just 4 months. Read more about paid ads here, and learn more about budgeting here.

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